Places to explore for women travellers in Wellington NZ

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, situated at the bottom of the North Island. It’s a coastal city with a great deal of character, art and culture, as well as being the financial and political centre of the country. Wellington has featured prominently in the early development of New Zealand and continues to be a popular city for visitors, who particularly enjoy the access to the harbour which has been made possible through the development of Wellington’s waterfront area.

Multi-cultural, multi-faceted Wellington is a refreshing change from other major cities. Like many others, it ticks all the boxes with its stunning scenic beauty, its historic past and its international cuisine. But Wellington still finds room to be charmingly different .

So how can women visitors who travel here get a true picture of this ‘Coolest little capital in the world’? Which are the best places to explore? By taking a Hop-on, Hop-off tour, women visitors can sit back and experience the whole city and its environs in just a day or two. Here’s a taste of what you can expect on a trip around Wellington.

Historical highlights

The Colonial Cottage is a must-see stop on your tour. Built in 1858, it has been beautifully restored and gives a charming insight into nineteenth-century life in Wellington. They’ll learn even more about life in bygone times by visiting the small Cable Car Museum at the next hop-off point.

Another heritage building is Old St. Paul’s, a wooden church built in 1866. Built in 19th century Gothic Revival style, it has fantastic wooden carvings and some exquisite stained glass windows.

Being the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington has a range of Parliament Buildings, which are another impressive place to stop off. A free tour of the complex is available, or they can just relax in the grounds for a while.

Weelington NZ

City of culture

New Zealand’s most famous author, Katherine Mansfield, lived in Wellington. Her birthplace is part of the city’s Heritage Trail and is a charming place to explore.

Art aficionados won’t want to miss the City Gallery, which has works by local and international artists. In this gallery, art is presented in unique and inspiring ways, for an enthralling experience that gives the women visitors something new to think about. If you spilled anything on the carpets while you are in Wellington and need carpet cleaner, carpet cleaning wellington are affordable.

The fascinating Museum of Wellington City & Sea is impressively modern. Don’t miss the holographic displays that recreate historic events from the city’s history. In fact, museum lovers are spoilt for choice, because the nearby Te Papa Museum is full of multimedia adventures. It has six floors of treasures, 3D animations and interactive stories about New Zealand’s rich history.

Entertainment for all

For film buffs, hopping off the bus at Weta Cave will be a given. With films like the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit being made in New Zealand, a chance to learn about the making of blockbuster movies is not to be turned down. Cuba street and Courtenay place are famous for nightlife entertainment .

The Embassy Theatre stop is also good location for some rest and relaxation, with its theatres, art galleries, shops and nightlife. Another hop-off point is the Sheepskin Warehouse, which has sheepskin items such as rugs, car seats and slippers to remind visitors of their New Zealand trip.

Quiet time

Take a break in the 24-hectare Botanic Gardens along the bus route, when they need some peace and quiet. Especially beautiful in spring when the 26,000 tulips are in bloom, these gardens also feature a massive rose display, a collection of orchids and a charming water lily pond. Sanctuary Valley might also fit the bill; it’s the only urban eco-sanctuary in the world and allows them to see endangered species close up.

Oriental Bay is also recommended for a bit of down time. It offers a safe swimming beach, a pretty harbour and a promenade just made for strolling.

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