3 Easy (and Fast!) Bathroom Updates


Not every bathroom renovation has to force your family to run to the neighbors or shower at grandma’s for days at a time. Here are 3 quick and easy upgrades to consider when the bathroom needs remodeling.


  1. Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles.

You will be overwhelmed, but very pleasantly surprised by the choices of colors and styles available. In fact, making your choice will be the hardest part of this job. Whether you want a traditional subway tile look, or a modern metal and glass mosaic, there will be a style that works for what you have in mind.

Peel and stick tiles are mainly recommended around the vanity. The walls must be well cleaned before they are applied. They stick best to a fresh coat of quality bathroom paint.

  1. Change the Towel Racks and Medicine Cabinet. If antique brass is the current hardware theme in the bathroom, it’s time for a change. A new, quality medicine cabinet will also go a long way toward accomplishing something useful in a short period of time.

Chances are the new items will mount to the wall a bit differently than what you currently have, so keep that in mind. Also, a big, fancy cabinet that comes in a little tiny box means there will be a lot of pre-assembly. Look for one that is a little more ready-to-hang if this is not something you want to deal with.


  1. Change the bathroom faucet. This is where your eyes and hands meet almost every time you are in the bathroom. Brushed or bright chrome, matte black, single or dual handles, old-fashioned or modern, a new one will feel and look great.

You will need a few tools, but nothing that the average homeowner would not have in his or her toolbox, such as a multi-screwdriver, pliers, and a crescent wrench.


If you are on a budget and/or pressed for time, these few items will transform your bathroom from being strictly a place of “business” to one where it’s a “pleasure” to hang around in.