What is Shopfitting

Shop fitting is the trade of customizing and installing fixtures, equipment, and fittings for a given store or shop. This type of business involves a broad spectrum of outlets including small kiosks to large home depot stores. A Shop fitter is a person who is responsible for the planning, installing and designing the store layout and its services. The shop fitting company typically adopts the use of interior design skills in the production of contemporary furniture and fittings as well.

In most cases, the shopfitting procedure starts with a tentative evaluation of the shop space followed by the preparation of blueprint designs for the client. Some customers usually have their designs and approaches regarding the appearance they want for the final results. Shop fitting is one of those professions that is about converting a regular space into an elaborate structure that is suitable enough for one to conduct their businesses.



This type of fitting requires some unique expertise and experience that most people lack. Therefore, the main advantage of settling for a shop fitter is that you are sure of receiving professional services for the ideal value for time and money investment. In other words, the professional service provider will take all your unique fit out requirements into accounts and combine them with their unique design approaches to come up with the best possible results for your shop or new venture. More so, the service provider will also take care of the entire fit out process from start to finish leaving you with the convenience to resume your other equally important activities. Some contemporary service providers also demonstrate their level of excellence by embracing computer aided design techniques when performing this type of fitting job

There is no particular template when it comes to expediting the ideal shop fitting job. The best and most effective strategy would be to use the inputs from the client along with that of the staff to come up with a feasible shop fitting project for their needs. It is a highly demanding that consolidates concepts from interior design, fashion trends, and client recommendations as well.


Some of the aspects worth taking into account when performing a shopfitting job include:

Store layout- the client should be able to navigate the store as they wish with the convenient of location the objects they need. Therefore, the store layout must be coherent and precise enough and incorporate input from the customer from the onset.

Lighting quality- lighting is often neglect by shop owners but is a crucial aspect for the success of the business venture. Your shop fitter should, therefore, be able to come up with the best lighting solution for your retail needs.


Overall, when taken together, shop fitting is a brilliant investment for those who want to launch a new business start-up or venture. This is because all your unique needs are taken into account and the service provider makes the job simple for you by taking care of all the necessities of the project.